The Abbasi Brothers [usa]

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The Abbasi Brothers<q> [usa]</q>

The Abbasi Brothers

Yousuf and Amman Abbasi represent a new generation of evocative and epic instrumentalists. Following in the footsteps of the Eno/Byrne and Rodelius of the late 70’s then wade through the enigma of early-80s 4AD, arriving in the 21st century with a sound that is familiar and yet all their own. Intensely motivated by the moving image, The Abbasi Brothers have created a new lexicon of music using digital instruments, electronics, guitar, piano and found sound. Through dreamlike ‘sound-scenes’ that celebrate nostalgia and the gentleness of the mundane in our day-to-day living they manage to make the ordinary extraordinary. While engulfed in their take on life-as-film made super-real is so rewarding one doesn’t want the simple moments to ever end.


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