Secrets intercepted
The room was empty.The only clues that remained of any of life was the empty tumbler with sweat dripping on the bedstand. A slight tinge of perfume in the air. Left on the unmade bed, was a large envelope, bound in tape.
In the envelope, maps of Iceland and a casette was found. Fourteen pieces of music unravelling a scenery of emotion and glimpses of timelessness...

The secrets that Kosuke Anamizu has buried on Hidden Tape No. 66 are deeply telling. Unearthing these ten artifacts, we understand that they are meant for someone else. Vast and inward, the tracks are lovingly assembled from detailed field recordings, guitars, and electronics. Soundscapes flowing through a filter of longing and mystery.

Making his home in the shadow of Mt. Fuji, Kosuke Anamizu’s ethic stems from a belief that music and nature are fundamentally coupled. Driven by great expanse, his goal
is to impart the warmth of life to the wide landscapes of our inner worlds. Kosuke’s doppleganger is one part of The Potone!, an electronica band on the Neguse
Group label

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August 16th, 2010
Sigur Ros