Josh Varnedore [usa]

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Josh Varnedore<q> [usa]</q>

josh1Joshua Varnedore has epic dreams. Dreams where massive, brilliant things happen. Grand vibrant landscapes and impossibilities and long lost people. And in his waking life, serendipity follows him around- chance meetings, repeating numbers. But instead of being investigated by Scully and Muller, he records an ongoing soundtrack to all of these events almost effortlessly. Utilizing whatever he can get his hands on- from VSS-30 to guitar, glock to voice – he manages to paint such rich soundscapes, its nearly impossible to not feel transformed after hearing them.

We are all filters to what we experience, and Josh is no exception: his inspiration is evident coming from his friends, Hammock and Jonsi and Alex, nodding to the organic, expansive and otherworldly nature of their music. Ultimately, his music is, without a doubt, moving yet strangely familiar.



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