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Yndi Halda might be a name familiar to some, it is inevitable that a band that already have gybe as fans are destined for some wider recognition. It was through hearing a sublime Yndi Halda remix that I became aware of A Lily, and as it turns out A Lily is infact guitarist James Vella from the band. Wake:Sleep is the debut 8 track offering written entirely for James’ girlfriend Leanne. Already you are thinking post rock lullabies, filled with love, emotion and tenderness and in a sense you are right but conceptually and stylistically hearing is believing. Armed with a laptop A Lily takes us on a dawn till dusk electronic meander down a beach while Boards of Canada hold hands with Sigur Ros as Escapades make a home movie. With bouncy chimes, subliminal whispers and joyous guitar picking ‘I Am To You’ are the first rays of light sneaking in through your curtain. As the understated vocals come through over glitching beeps you begin to hear shades of Tex La Homa. ‘Lights Shone Brighter…” for all its glitchy experimentation retains a dreamy beauty that reels you into proceedings even more. Having set a mood the music glides along complete with subliminals and subtleties in almost euphoric fashion, ‘Aerials Quiet and Death Defying’ draws to a close with Autechre style noise and french whispers there comes a departure. ‘The Sleepers’ gives way to James’s post rock sensibilites, but there is no raging crescendo here, after all its time for bed. And it really is ‘Arms Around Sleep’ and ‘The Shipwreck’ are simply an after show come down slumber party for Makoto and Eno. This is a beautiful little album, well crafted and enthralling. Written out of love, it might not pull on your heart strings but it will certainly stir some emotions.


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