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A Lily’s Wake:Sleep is a record a fellow writer of mine over at Prefix turned me on to about 6 months ago. Although I didn’t care for the record much at first, the more I consume this as the months pass, the more it keeps me pondering. This was one of the better releases of 2006, now that I look back on it – and frankly, one of the better ambient releases I’ve heard this entire decade. It’s intensely layered with rhythmic glitches, droning hums, backward loops, delicate guitars and precisely placed vocal samples. A Lily is one man, named James Vella – the guitar player for Burnt Toast and post-rock collective yndi halda. Although he claims his influences as the likes of Mogwai, The Album Leaf, and other electronic based post-rock, Wake:Sleep is a much more humble record than many of these bands have put out in recent years, and a more complex one at that. There’s endless hours of listening for this – and a track for every mood. Highly Recommended.


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