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This is the feeling of recognition.The subconscious mind is still actively conjuring up wild dreams, and this is precisely the audible feedback filtering through the cerebellum. The clicks and glitches and pulses and ambiance and voices are merely the activity of electronic signals being passed among the synapses via neurotransmitters. As a listener, the first six songs might remind you of a collaboration between World’s End Girlfriend and The Album Leaf, where the surreal meets the real in a car crash scenario. “Shipwreck” eventually enters the picture and by this time the music has completely fused with the listener’s subconscious and Wake:Sleep is an extension of your own thoughts and feelings. As you’d might expect, it’s the feeling that often accompanies waking up in the presence of another, arm tingling from lack of circulation and breath heavy and somber. Maybe this is the essential ingredient for the album: someone to share it with. Because, let’s be honest, no matter what type of music you listen to, love is always a driving force in all of our lives.


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